Friday, June 3, 2011

Here’s what should have happened in The Hangover Part II

First of all the movie should have started with the guys waking up the dingy room. We all know the set-up, we didn’t need that much exposition.

Second of all the actor they chose to play the kid and future brother-in-law of Ed Helm’s character should have gone to a comedian who could improvise with the rest of the cast. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but if we were supposed to care whether he lived or died he should have at least been an interesting character.

I didn’t mind that it was the exact same movie beat-for-beat, I minded the catalyst for getting the guys knocked out again. So here’s what should have happened... The kid should have been subject to listening to the Wolf Pack reveling in their adventures in Vegas. He realizes that he hasn’t lived his life... so he drugs the guys in hopes of generating another wild night. 

***UPDATE*** How amazing would it have been if Charlyne Yi played the kid? Then Zach's character could not only dislike her because she's a new threat, but a "girl who doesn't know how to party."

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